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LinkedIn has claimed the spot as the #1 professional job and networking site.
So, if you’re in the market for a job change, LinkedIn is where you need to be.

BUT look, it’s not enough to merely “be” on LinkedIn, you have to know how to leverage the platform to get quality job leads and make career-changing connections.

For example, using LinkedIn the right way means you can have an inbox full of employers begging to meet with you to discuss their open positions.

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Limited spaces available/ Challenge starts May 10

I was clueless to the benefits of LinkedIn before taking Barbara's LinkedIn course. After taking her course, I feel like a Pro. She broke down how to use LinkedIn from starting your account to being engaged in the full platform. Following her guidelines, I now have 160 connections in under a week of taking her course. Barbara is very professional and highly knowledgeable. I definitely recommend her she is truly an HR guru!
Dr. Jaquice Boyd
I had the opportunity to work with Barbara recently on a career transition. She created a safe environment for expressing my fears and concerns while providing me the encouragement and support needed. Her 20 years of experience allowed her to hear what was being said and “not being said” during our initial consultation. Talking that info, she was able to break down the mammoth goal into I bite size chunks. As with any good coach, she will hold you accountable, nudge you appropriately, and be present throughout your journey. If you are seeking a career change or trying to determine where your natural skills are a good fit, I highly recommend Barbara. You won’t be disappointed.
Frederick Miller
Delivery Manager, Cisco Systems

Limited spaces available/ Challenge starts May 10

Here’s the rundown on what you can expect during our time together:

What Happens When I Sign Up?

Barbara is a wonderful career coach. She offers her expertise and has been in the business a long time! I've learned a great deal from her!
Monica Demasi
Member of Barbara’s FB Group
Barbara is such an authentic person who has a way of helping you to reflect on your situation and inspires you to take control of your career. She encourages you to not be afraid to chase your passion. I have found her insightful videos and the one on one discussion we had, to be most helpful and has supported me to make some big decisions. We need more people like this in the world!
Tanya SImmonds
Member of Barbara’s Facebook Group

I cannot wait to work with you personally in the challenge. Over my 20-year career in Human Resources, I’ve helped hundreds of people who are frustrated in their career and showed them how to turn their frustration into an actionable plan for success.

Feel like you’re at the point of giving up?

Maybe you’re thinking you as might well stop applying for job after job because no one is calling?

Or maybe you wished you knew what you were doing wrong in your job search?

Maybe LinkedIn seems like a foreign concept and just not as easy as Facebook??

Then this challenge is a great starting point for you to challenge your misconceptions and to learn exactly how to get quality job leads on LinkedIn.

This challenge is running Monday-Thursday (May 10-13)!

I’ll be in the group every day to help you each step of the way and to make sure you get the most out of the challenge.

Meet The Facilitator

Hey! I’m Barbara Mason and from here on out, you can rely on me as your HR Insider. I’ve been an HR professional for the past 20 years and I know what it takes to stay, flow or go in your career.

And during this 4-day challenge, I’ll show you exactly how to use LinkedIn to level up your job leads and get your inbox hopping this year. Register now so you can get a spot (space is limited.)